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Jelt enables you to find courses online

Use JELT to search or navigate courses that have been collated from around the word. Companies such as Microsoft and Google have produced courses that are free to use and enjoy. Learn new skills ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Data Science to Machine Learning. We bring courses from platforms such as Coursera and Udacity together with amazing course producers from Nobel Laurates to Fortune 500 companies.

Looking for MOOCs, Free online courses, accredited courses or certified courses? Microsoft and Google. Not sure where to go, then browse by subject or search for a course that interests you. Many courses are totally FREE.

You can learn just about anything on Jelt, we help you find it, track it and complete it! Check out the JELT Career explorer where we match courses against careers and you can find courses which are related to for Data Scientist or Financial Advisor

From the English Language to Data Science and Machine Learning, Jelt will help you find the skills you require for a succesful life and and career. Courses from Udacity, EdX, Coursera and universities such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Open University...