Mr Schnauzer

Investor and founder of JELT project. He is curious about everything around him and eager to learn. He started JELT project to share his learning knowhow and help people easily access online courses. He is sharp and intelligent especially likes to discuss politics and technologies (especially biscuit). He is retired but occasionally spends his time by exchanging emails with people interested in learning. You can reach him at : [email protected]


Una, Is an economist and is leading the push of Jelt’s deep data drive and algorithms in helping you find courses that inspire. She’s also an avid learner and a speaker of many (natural) languages. Una, when not behind the keyboard is a talented musician who regularly plays with her band and performs live, tinkling those keys on the piano. Una will also be scoping out our new watch this space for exciting new developments.


Bretton, Has worked for numerous technology companies around the globe and has a background in Research & Development and numerous software companies. He has worked with well known brands such as ebay & Autonomy. Seeing the gap in the space for tools to help individuals grow their knowledge, skills and excitement outside of the classroom, Bretton helps people achieve their dreams and ambitions, whether that it through self-learning or experiences.