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Jelt can help you find the best courses from across the web to get you the career you want. We have listed the best matching courses from around the web with the roles that companies are looking to fill. So if you are looking to upgrade your career or skills, you can find closely related courses on jelt. Find a selection of career and role matched courses below without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

Product Design

There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. This course is designed to help you materialize your game-changing idea and transform it into a product that ...

TQM for New Product Development

This Online Training Course on TQM for New Product Development is delivered by a renowned Strategy Consultant with decades of training experience. The Course covers Design ...

Understanding Your Customers to Drive Sales

Tien Tzuo is Chief Strategy Officer with Salesforce.com, and in this free online course he discusses why businesses must move their marketing strategy away from ...

User Experience for the Web

The discipline of user experience examines how we interact with the products and systems that surround us; everything from our kitchen appliances to smart phones. This course ...

Creating Business Value with User Experience

Designing the best possible user experience is not just about creating beautiful user interfaces. To humanize software experience through design, you must focus on users’ needs ...

Concepts in Game Development

There are lots of different skills that go into game development. This course is about key technical concepts in game development, and has been developed for people of many ...

Diploma in Manufacturing and Product Design

All modern economies need industries that are innovative in product design and efficient in manufacturing. In turn, these industries need people who are knowledgeable about the ...

Product Design

Product design is the process whereby product designers conceptualize and evaluate ideas before turning them into products ready to be sold by a business to its customers. This ...

UX Research Capstone

In this UX research capstone course, you’ll conduct a multi-stage user experience research study on a product. You will employ interviews, inspection methods, and user testing ...

Implementing Customer Insights for Your Business

The ultimate success of products and services depends on your ability to understand the wishes, motivations and experiences of everyday people. This ability can be a powerful ...

Introduction to User Experience Design

Learn basic concepts related to user experience design and interface design.

User Experience (UX) Design: Human Factors and Culture in Design | 设计的人因与文化

The most successful products and services offer rich and colorful user experiences that take into account social and cultural patterns. Learn how to create excellent user ...

Terapeak Advanced product market research

One the top reasons people fail with product sales, marketing and product development is..Lack of solid research Thousands of dollars are wasted developing products, ...

7 Proven Product Creation Ideas For Newbies

Have You Ever Felt Frustrated Because You Know That Product Creation Is A Genius Business Strategy, But You're Just Not Sure Where To Start? If that's the case, you're going to ...

Product Creation: Your First Product in 4 Hours or Less!

⇉ Develop your first informational Product following the same step-by-step proven system that I use to create new products in under 4 Hours!⇉ After taking this course you will ...

Advanced User Experience (UX) Design

Building an attractive, useful and usable website is difficult, and can take much time, thought and creativity. Even so, the quality of a site’s user interface can be the most ...

Digital Product Bootcamp: Create and Sell Digital Products

Ever wanted to create and sell a digital product online but don't know how to get started? This course will guide you through the whole process. If you've ever wanted to ...

7 Keys To Success When Developing Your Smart Product Design

For every one digital product success story, there are more than a dozen that have failed. Why? Designing a smart, connected product-- and developing a proper digital business ...

User Experience (UX) Design Essentials for Websites

In this course you'll learn important concepts of User eXperience and introduce you to many powerful UX tools and techniques. Focusing on user experience (UX) can differentiate ...

Real Entrepreneurship: From legal structure up first sale

This course comprehends the right and wrong actions taken when open a new business to see the big picture why them either succeed or fail. These two perspectives will allow you ...

How I designed, prototyped & manufactured my first product.

Take your first idea to market and have fun creating it! Take a simplified approach to learn how to design, prototype and manufacture your first product. Learn how I made my ...

10 Product Creation Hacks That Work In 2016

Here’s a question we get asked very often: “Sandor and Patrick, how did you manage to attract more than 70,000 unique students on Udemy, which resulted in more than 300,000 ...

UX (User Experience) Capstone

In this UX capstone course, you’ll conduct a multi-stage user experience project to design a product from scratch, incorporating Design and Research methods within the context ...
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